Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Makeup Trends For Spring & Summer 2011

This spring & summer season is going to be bright! From hot pinks to fiery oranges, makeup colors are shaping up to be bolder and brighter than ever.

Bright citrus lips. Smoldering eyes. Cheeks aglow with stunning shades of fuchsia. Makeup trends this spring are so bright, you're going to need shades. Here are are some of the hottest makeup colors for spring 2011 that are sure to turn up the heat.

Pucker up for coral. From crushing oranges to softer pinks, coral hues are making a chic statement this season. Don't be afraid to go bold, either! From bright reds to bubble gum pinks, bold colors are all the rage.

Makeup Tip:
You should be able to find your signature shade of lipstick at the makeup counter very easily. Just remember two things: If you or the sales person must convince yourselves that the new shade you're wearing is kind of hot- it's not for you. You should love your lips pretty much after the first take. Secondly, make sure the depth of the lipstick is in harmony with the depth of your hair. Obviously blonds will have more fun wearing a lighter pink lipstick, whereas the dark haired diva may introduce some blue or smokey brown undertones in her version of pink. This is to accommodate the depth of her hair color which frames her face.

For eyeliner, rich shades of violet are definitely in. Neon is new, too! Eyeshadow colors such as orange, pink, green or blue, are sure to attract attention. (Yes, blue eye shadow is back and in a big way). It should also come as no surprise that smokey eye makeup will never lose its beauty or popularity, and it works in every season. Creating smokey eye makeup is not difficult, and with a little bit of practice one can master this eye makeup technique easily. For a stylish and trendy look, use black and gray eyeshadow or go for dark blue to enhance your eyes.

Makeup Tip: Apply eyeliner close to your upper lash line and coat your eyelashes with a black colored mascara.

Colorful cheeks are definitely back. This spring, fuchsia is fab, and plums are perfect. Big bold blushed cheeks are big on the fashion runways this season as well. Girly pink is pretty too, and if you stay in the peachy-pink shades you can't go wrong.

Makeup Tip: When wearing this trend be sure to leave your eyes neutral and instead play up your cheeks and your lips. Start off lightly, building color as you go. Avoid loading the brush and having to back track.

What's your favourite makeup trend this spring? Got any tips you'd like to share? Let us know - leave a comment below.

Photography from The School of Professional Makeup, one of the premier makeup schools in Canada. The School of Pro Makeup has been creating careers in makeup artistry since 1998.

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