Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 Steps to Flawless Makeup
By Katherine Warren

Applying flawless makeup can be quick and easy if you know the proper steps and techniques. These are ten steps to make to a flawless looking face. They are quick, and many steps take under one minute, so you can complete your total look in less than ten minutes. Let's get started!

fashion makeupConcealer helps hide imperfections (redness, under eye circles, acne) and make them nearly invisible. Pick a shade as close to your natural skin color as possible. Dab on lightly and blend outward, feathering the edges so that you do not have a straight line across your face.

Foundation does not have to be applied over your whole face - just where you want to even out the color. Pick a shade that matches your jaw line. That way your face will not be a different shade than your neck, which is very unnatural looking!

Loose powder applied all over your face helps to set your makeup so that it lasts longer and stays where you put it.

Blush gives you a healthy glow. It should be applied to the apples of your cheeks and drawn outward just a little (to find your cheek's "apples" just smile. The part of your cheek above your smile and below your eyes is the apple of your cheek).

Eye shadow is important to bring out your eyes. It can help disguise many features - close set eyes, wide set eyes, tired eyes, etc. Using the right colors can really bring attention to your eyes. Place a light base shade over your lids and a darker color along the crease line. An even lighter shade can go along the brow bone to highlight the area. If your eyes are close set, place the darker color on the outer two-thirds of your eye only to help draw them apart.

Eye liner helps to add definition to your eyes. Black or dark brown liner works well on practically everyone. Just lining the top lid will make your eyes look larger. Line the bottom along your lashes for a more dramatic look.

Mascara is next. Turn the mascara wand vertically and brush just the tips of your lashes before turning the wand and sweeping your lashes from the base to tips. This will make your lashes appear longer. Also, if you curl your lashes, do it three times - once at the base, once in the middle and once near the tips. This will give you a better and longer lasting curl.

Brow color: This is often overlooked. Although it is simple, and adds barely-there color, it makes a definite impact on your overall look. Just make sure to pick a color as close to your natural color as possible, and use light, short strokes to apply.

Lip liner adds definition to your lips and helps stop your lipstick from feathering. For a more natural look, match the lip liner to your lips - not your lipstick. If you line your lips and then fill in the lines with lip liner before your apply your lipstick, your lipstick will last longer.

Lipstick finishes the look. The color you choose here can influence your whole look. Go neutral or light for a natural or romantic look, or darker and brighter foe a more dramatic look.

These steps can be customized for different looks. You can go from a natural or professional look using matte shades to a romantic or dramatic look using darker or frosted shades. You only need to change the intensity of the colors to change the mood.

Article Source:

Photographer - David Wile

Makeup - Robert Closs


Blogger paola said...

There is a hint worth trying - when you've washed your face, apply a small amount of a shielding lotion before putting on make-up. It will protect the skin from irritants that can be contained in make-up products, will keep the skin hydrated and will help the make-up to stay flawless throughout the day. No need to worry about problems with greasiness - it soaks in almost momentarily without leaving any residue on the skin.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 11:12:00 AM  

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